Consistent with the Governor’s order to close Pennsylvania schools indefinitely, and the Public Library Code which grants the Deputy Secretary for Libraries the power and duty to “coordinate a Statewide system of local libraries” (24 PA.C.S. § 9311(b)(5)), the Office of Commonwealth Libraries directs Pennsylvania public libraries to remain closed until further notice is given.  Specifically:

  1. Operations that provide routine, in-person library services shall cease indefinitely.  Routine, in-person library services would be anything that requires an individual member of the public to visit the library or library staff/volunteers to have in-person contact with library users to provide anything that could be construed as routine library services.  Common sense needs to apply. Some examples of routine, in-person library services that may not be provided include permitting library users to:
  • Browse, read, or view materials at the library;
  • Borrow or pick up items at the library (including drive-by or curbside pick-up);
  • Use computers or other technology devices inside the library;
  • Attend programs or meetings sponsored by the library or external groups at the library;
  • Have library materials physically delivered to library users; or
  • Photocopy and fax materials, etc.