We are closed for these holidays: 

New Year’s Eve/Day
Good Friday and the following Saturday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve/Christmas

Our library is part of the Potter-Tioga Library System. It is geographically the largest library system in Pennsylvania and consists of eleven member libraries.

About the Library

The Oswayo Valley Memorial Library is located in northcentral Pennsylvania in the town of Shinglehouse, approximately 4 miles south of the New York state border. We are a small-town library serving Ceres Township, Clara Township, Oswayo Borough, Oswayo Township, Sharon Township, and Shinglehouse Borough. We serve not only people from these areas but from all surrounding areas, including bordering towns in New York state.

The library was organized in 1915 by the Women’s Club. The current building was built as a memorial for the servicemen of the area that served in World War I.

We have a strong collection of local history, including census records from 1850-1920 as well as cemetery listings, which include the immediate NY state border towns. We also have computers, DVDs, books on CD and offer a variety of programs free of charge to the public.

The collection consists of approximately 11,000 books, 300 audiobooks on CD, 1400 movies on DVD, and an assortment of periodicals.

The library also has a large selection of digital books that you can download onto e-book readers or MP3 players. We also have rotating collections of books on CD and large print books. We have 6 public access computers and free Wi-Fi.

The Oswayo Valley Memorial Library exists to assist the residents of the Oswayo Valley in meeting their educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs.

The governing and policymaking responsibilities of the library are held by the Board of Directors. The board determines and adopts written policies to govern the operation, use, and programs of the library. The board also appoints the Library Director who is charged with carrying out those policies and managing the daily operations of the library.

Our Library is continuously growing to serve you better. We have old-time traditions with modern twists to accommodate the elderly and the techy new library lovers.

Be sure to check us out!

Board of Trustees

The library board of trustees is the governing body by which our library operates. By being a board member or having a representative from your township, you are ensuring that your needs and concerns are met.

The board must actively fundraise for items that are always needed in the library. Some of these items are books, office equipment, programs for the public, and general operating expenses. While we do get funds from the state, we must also match those funds to continue to receive aid from the state each year. By donating to the library or supporting one of our fundraisers, you can take great pride in knowing that you are helping us continue with our efforts to bring the Oswayo Valley a library that has modern conveniences with “hometown” values.

Board meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month unless otherwise stated. The meeting time is 1 PM. The public is encouraged to attend. If a meeting is changed/postponed/canceled, we will make every attempt to notify the public ASAP.

Current Board Members

President – Linda Cummings
Vice President/Treasurer – Juanita Blau
Secretary – Colleen Hyde

Board Members:

Amy Mallison-Austin
Jane Perkins
Connie Serkleski
Renee White
Cynthia Zembryki

Library Director:
Casey McDonald