5/8 Friday Update

The Oswayo Valley Memorial Library building may be closed, but we are still working to serve the community.  We are keeping abreast of current CDC recommendations so we may open safely for all of your library needs. Reimplementing services that utilize the building will occur in stages, following CDC guidelines when given permission from the Office of Commonwealth Libraries. 

In the meantime, the library has been working diligently to provide as many services as possible remotely to the public. Unfortunately, we realize that does not help those in our service area without devices or with limited internet connectivity. But, due to the “Shelter at Home Mandate” there has been no alternative. Initially, we requested permission to put a book cart by the front doors with our surplus books to provide free non-returnable reading materials. The request was denied as this would encourage people to leave their homes, and not abide by the “Shelter at Home” mandate. Although it’s very frustrating to not be able to fill a need in the community when we have the resources available, your safety is our number one priority.

WIFI is available 24 hours a day, even though the library is closed. The public can  access the WiFi by signing on to ovmlguest and using the password “librarycard”. A temporary library card can be issued for those in our service area for downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, and databases by contacting the librarian at ovmlibrary@gmail.com, via the website www.ovmlibrary.org, or by leaving a message at 697-6691 with your name, address and contact phone number. Our Summer Learning program will be taking place online this year. Check our website for updates as they become available..

Libraries will be getting creative by offering curbside services to meet your needs when allowed by the state, prior to opening the building. Please bear with us while we make library service as safe as possible while striving to meet community needs. You have always been there for us- let us be there for you in this time of uncertainty. Please check our website for weekly updates so we can keep you informed on our progress as we strive to meet the needs of our community.

Rhonda Duell, Library Director


the Oswayo Valley Memorial Board of Directors

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