New Juvenile Fiction

Great for teaching children, homeschooling, and learning the foundations of a variety of topics like economics, business, teamwork, and more!

The Law: What are individual rights, and where do they come from? Should the government help people, or should we?

The Miraculous Pencil: What is the free market and why is it so important? Ethan and Emily embark on a fun field trip to learn how pencils are made using parts from all over the world.

Creature from Jekyll Island: Markets come to life while exploring a farmer’s market and county fair to understand just how controlling the Creature from Jekyll Island can be.

Food Truck Fiasco: Disruptive businesses must fight against their crony competitors with friends in government who try and protect them from innovative upstarts.

Road to Surfdom: History abounds with examples of government officials making decisions, well-intentioned or otherwise, that harm others.

The Golden Rule: There is one universal principle—a “Golden Rule” as it’s often called upon which many people do agree.

Search for Atlas: What happens when hard-working people quit? Spectacular Show Business: How does a child become an entrepreneur?

Fate of the Future: The history of the world is a tale of some people bossing others around, but brave thinkers have always offered ideas for a better future.

Education Vacation: After hearing an award-winning teacher discuss problems with schooling and a vision for how children are best educated.

Messed Up Market: Now that they’ve made some money, The Tuttle Twins begin to wonder how they can put it to good use and earn more.

Leviathan Crisis: The Tuttle Twins and their team tackle a new quest in an adventure game that they soon begin to realize is closer to reality than they might have guessed. -Amazon